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Taikotherapy because sometimes talking is not enough


Harness the power of Taiko to build your own strength


We also organise team events for local companies, with 100% of all profits from Taikotherapy used to offer free Taikotherapy to members of the local community


Contact Diana Armstrong on 07920 465908 or diana@taikotherapy.co.uk


Taikotherapy - because sometimes talking is not enough

Talking therapy is of course very useful, but sometimes it is just not enough to talk. Playing a Taiko drum involves the whole body, precisely co-ordinated movements and absolute focus. Due to the energetic physical nature of this style of drumming, tension is released, anger vented, distress expressed. Without uttering a single word, the player is heard and integrated into the group. And often in a much better place to talk or to listen.


Rhythm is an integral part of our human experience. We are used to a mother's heart beat in the womb and can detect missed beats in any rhythm even as newborn babies. Drums have been used for thousands of years in order to release pent up tension, express both negative and positive emotions, to increase social interaction and improve communication skills. So why specifically Taiko drums? Research has shown that bass frequencies trigger the release of the mood regulator Serotonin. Taiko drums produce extreme bass frequencies. At the same time, Oxytocin is produced, a chemical that helps with social bonding and empathy. The sheer focus involved in Taiko drumming serves as a welcome distraction from distress or rumination. And the endorphines released through the physical effort involved (Taiko burns up to 500kcal per hour!) increase wellbeing even further.

The talking part of the therapy groups allows an even deeper processing of helpful and unhelpful schemas and provides psychoeducation to ensure lasting change.

Taikotherapy group



Led by experienced and qualified counsellor Diana Armstrong (senior accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), Taikotherapy uses Taiko drums in combination with talking therapy in order to alleviate depression, increase confidence, reduce the effects of trauma, help manage stress and anger and much more.

Resilience building days



We also offer resilience and confidence building days. These are suitable for the general public and can also be adapted for corporate team days. In a one day course, led by Diana Armstrong, groups of up to ten participants use Taiko drums and psychoeducation to learn effective stress management techniques, increase confidence and resilience.

Corporate group sessions can be tailored around your needs. Participant numbers, location, content and length of sessions can be designed specifically for your company. All fees paid will be reinvested into offering free taikotherapy to members of the community, such as trauma survivors or veterans.

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